my dad and i had a real talk, alright. it was about michael jackson’s trial. he was like “i think the 2005 trial still had an advantage because i think it literally showed who are his real or truest friends and those who are just using him because of his fame or his money.” so i was like “holy shit” sad but my dad has a point tho.

good dad!!!! hey zac’s dad! hi! image

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Leave Me Alone


"Leave Me Alone" - Michael Jackson (Bad, 1987)

"Leave Me Alone" is a track that appears only on the compact disc of Bad. I worked hard on the song, stacking vocals on top of each other like layers of clouds. I’m sending a simple message here: "Leave me alone." The song is about a relationship between a guy and a girl, but what I’m really saying to people who are bothering me is: "Leave me alone." - Michael Jackson

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